1.1. Library rules of Ivano-Frankivsk  National Medical University were elaborated in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «About libraries and librarianship», approved by the Resolution of the Parliament of Ukraine from January 27, 1995 and Typical Regulations about the library of higher education institution of Ukraine, approved by the Order of  Ministry of Education of Ukraine №155 from 30.04.1998.

1.2. The library of IFNMU is a subdivision of the University and serves as scientific, informational and cultural and educational institution, provides educational process, research and teaching activity with books and other documents, that make up the library fund.

1.3. The library fund of IFNMU is the property of the state and is under the state protection.

1.4. Library usage is free of charge.



2.1. Library provides  the realization of  users rights according to the Law of Ukraine «About libraries and librarianship» and serves them, in accordance with the  Regulations of the Library of the higher educational institution and this Rules.

            Library is obliged to:

- complete its funds, in accordance with the needs of teaching, research, cultural and educational work of university;

- maintain records and provide storage and rational organization, placement and exploitation of its funds;

- provide complete information for users about the composition of the library fund through the  system of catalogs, card files, bibliographies, lists and other forms of  library informing;

- provide advisory assistance to library users in their search of required literature and information;

- study and  satisfy the needs of the users, conducting sociological research of readers' interests;

- propagandize library fund;

- implement new automated technologies of library service, participate in the creation of regional, national database and provide access to them;

- conduct classes among users to expand knowledge about librarianship and bibliography, inculcate knowledge regarding work with books, culture of reading, organize book exhibitions, literature views, department days, etc.;

-  conduct delivery of  books and other publications, monitor systematically their timely return to the library.

 2.2. Library staff is obliged to:

 - follow the library rules, keep silence, cleanliness, treat the fund and other           library property with caution;

- familiarize users with acting library rules;

- be polite and attentive to the library users;

- during delivery and receiving of printed publications (textbooks, manuals and  

other documents) thoroughly look through them to eliminate damaged books, warn users about responsibility for the damage; 

- remind the user of the need to return documents to the library ( by the post     message or call) when the term of their use expires. In case of ignoring the terms of returning of the documents by user – the library acts in accordance with applicable

legislation and is entitled to deprived of the right to use the library for the term  set by the library administration.


 3.1. The right to use the library have: students of the university, teaching staff, scientists, postgraduates, other university staff, students of preparatory courses, employees who work at the university part-time. Representatives of other organizations, institutions, enterprises receive service only  with library administration permission and only in the reading rooms with a passport.

3.2. Library users have right to:

count on prompt, polite and differential service;

use all the services the library;

receive for the temporary use various documents of the library fund;

take part in the library mass events;

provide various assistance, if necessary, at the request of the library staff;

contact the library staff for clarification of misunderstandings;

present library various necessary printed publications. 



 4.1. Library users are obliged to:

know and follow the Library rules;

take good care of funds and other library property;

receiving the literature the user should carefully look through it. If there are any defects( the absence of pages or their damage) the user should inform the librarian, which is obliged to make necessary service notes. Responsibility for spoiled literature carries the reader, who used it the last;

students are obliged to visit all subdivisions of the library only only with student ticket and not to give it to another person;

return all printed works on time and  not damaged;

not remove the cards from catalogs and card files;

not take documents from the library, that are not recorded in the reader's form;

not use mobile phones in the reading rooms;

be polite, keep silence, come to the library in proper form;

to return all books and sign bypass letter at all literature outlets should the users who took academic holidays, were expelled from university, those who have graduated from university (before getting the diploma), and also workers who were fired (within three days).


5.1. For  recording to the library students need to submit student ID or passport,  workers need – passport and reference from the personnel department.

5.2. Reader form fills on the base of submitted documents.

5.3. During the first visit to the library the user is obliged to learn Library rules. By the personal signature on the reader form user confirms his knowledge of Library rules and promise to follow them.


 6.1. The Library users have the right to use the Library lending department and borrow scientific, educational, methodological literature and also fiction and different reference books.

6.2. The Educational Literature Lending Department provides students with the books for a semester or a year in the amount that fits with the educational planes and programs and The Library abilities.

6.2.1. At the end of each semester students are to return all the books and other materials in the subjects they finished to study to the Lending department. One can borrow books for the next semester only after satisfying this demand.

6.3. The Scientific Literature Lending Department provides services to university professors and teaching staff, aspirants, science workers, students and other coworkers of the university.

6.3.1. Professors, teaching staff and science workers can borrow 10-15 scientific literature publications for a term for one month, students - up to 10 publications, other readers’ categories - up to 5 publications for the same term. 

6.3.2. Fiction is to be lent in the amount of up to 3 publications for a 15-day term.

6.4. The Library lends books to a reader only after returning the previously borrowed books, which ran out of their usage term.

6.5. Rare and valuable publications, albums, atlases, encyclopedias, other reference books, and also some solitary publications, books of high requirement (demand, need), electronic and periodic publications may only be used in the Library Reading Rooms.

6.6. Theses are only available to be used in the Central Reading Room and only in case of Pro-rector for Science Work permission.

6.7. A librarian has the right to prolong the term to use the literature if a reader asks to and if no other readers need it.

6.8. To get literature a reader must present his or her student’s card (for students) or passport (other categories of readers), fill in the reader’s demand or send an oral request, sign for each borrowed publication in the reader’s record card.

Note: a reader’s record card assures the fact and the date of lending literature for a reader. The return of the literature is assured in the reader’s card with a librarian’s sign. 

6.9. Readers who lost or caused the irreparable damage to the books from the Library fund must substitute them with the same books or books accepted by the Library as equal ones. If the exchange is impossible the reader must photocopy this publication. The extent of the money compensation is assessed according to the rector’s order №20-Д (3.02.1998) “About the compensation for the loss of literature by the readers”.

6.10. The cost of damaged or lost books and other materials is ascertained according to the prices stated in the Library accounting documents taking into consideration further funds cost indexation.

6.11. Money compensation for the damaged and lost documents is paid by a Library reader in the Library payment office.

6.12. The exchange of the lost or damaged by the Library readers materials is fixed with the written request about the exchange and is assured with the reader’s, librarian’s and the Library director’s signatures. 

6.13. Albums, encyclopedias, atlases, publications on the magnetic storage devices, solitary publications and documents of high requirement are for the Reading Room use only.

6.14. For the Library Lending Department Rules violation users are liable according to the chapter 9 “Liability for Library Rules Violation”.



7.1. The right to use the Library Reading Rooms is given to the university professors and teaching staff, science workers and other coworkers of the university, to university aspirants, masters and students. Other categories of readers may use the Library with the Library Administration permission and in case of presenting passport.

 7.2. All the materials of the Reading Rooms funds may only be used in the Library Reading Rooms.

7.3. Library user may visit following Reading Rooms:

- the Central Reading Room;

- reading room of the hostels № 1-2;

- reading room of the hostel № 3;

- reading room of the hostel № 4;

- reading room of the Ukrainian Studies Department.  

7.4. Literature lending is stopped in 30 minutes before the end of the reading room working hours.

7.5. Readers are to return the books in the reading rooms in 15 minutes before the end of the reading room working hours.

7.6. A user may take materials from the reading rooms to be photocopied no longer than for 30 minutes. While returning materials a user must show the photocopied pages of the printed publication to librarian.

7.7. Literature from the reading rooms is forbidden to be carried out without the Library staff permission.

7.8. Users are to keep silence in the reading rooms.

7.9. Users take responsibility for the Reading Rooms Rules violation according to the chapter 9 “Liability for Library Rules violation”.



8.1. To operate a computer in the Central Reading Room a user must register at the administrator.

8.2. Before operating a computer one should get acquainted with the Rules. Disregarding this demand does not exempt from liability for these Rules violation.

8.3. Users have right to:

- process information recorded on the electronic data storage devices;

- use the Internet;

- work at theses and course papers, to prepare research papers, reports, laboratory work papers using the installed software;

- save the necessary information on the electronic data storage device (accepted only by the administrator’s allowance and after the data storage device has been checked for virus).

8.4. Users are obliged to:

- follow the safety rules;

- operate equipment carefully; immediately inform administrator in case of defective hardware or software detection;

- close all the used software with standard closure procedure after having finished the work;

- comply with administrator’s directions.

8.5. Users are prohibited to:

- turn on, turn off or reboot computer alone; attach or detach peripherals;

- install personal software;

- change the computer settings or adjust its hardware components;

- carry out unauthorized access to software, databases or their configuration files;

- copy programs and databases;

- launch programs from electronic data storage devices or programs downloaded from the Internet;

- use the Central Reading Room computers for any commercial activity;

- use broadband information resources of the Internet (Real Video/Audio, Chat, ICQ, games etc.);

- use the Internet to access information that contradicts norms of morality.

8.6. The Library is not responsible for:

-  the information left on the Central Reading Room computers and electronic data storage devices in the Central Reading Room;

- the quality of the information saved on the user’s electronic data storage devices.


 9.1. A user who violated these current rules shall be under civil and public, criminal liability according to the current Legislation of Ukraine and the Library Rules.

9.2. Users who violated the Rules can be deprived of the right to use the Library for a term of one to six months.

9.2.1. A user who carried out a printed or an electronic publication without the Library lending department staff permission is deprived of the right to use the library for one month.

9.2.2. A user who carried out a printed publication in order to photocopy it without the library staff permission is deprived of the right to use the Library for one month.

9.2.3. A user who caused damage to a printed publication (by cutting or pulling out pages) is deprived of the right to use the Library for a term for six months and must supply the exchange with a new publication accepted by the Library as an equal one.

9.2.4. A user who didn’t return the literature to the Library Lending Department in the definite time is deprived of the right to use the Library Lending Department service.

9.2.5. A user who passed his student's card to other person for the purpose of getting literature is deprived of the right to use the Library for three months.

9.2.6. For the impolite attitude toward the library staff a user is deprived of the right to use the Library for two months.

9.2.7. Should a user break silence in the Library Reading Rooms ignoring the Library staff remarks, a librarian shall deprive a user of the right to use the Library Reading Room.

9.2.8. Responsibility for the literature is laid on the user who was the last to use it.

9.3. The information about the Library Rules violation is transmitted to the university rector’s office.


Director of IFNMU Library                                                       Tataryn M. M.