Scientific Societies


Students Scientific Association

Students Scientific Association of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (SSA IFNMU) was organized in 1950. The first scientific circles arose in the theoretical departments to provide knowledge to enthusiastic students under the guidance of teachers and at first they studied literature. Later, scientific circles were created at clinical departments to deepen the professional knowledge of students in extracurricular hours.

Traditionally, a student of the 4th-5th year of the institute was chosen as the head of the SSA. Circle students successfully presented reports of the results of scientific research at conferences in Kyiv, Simferopol, Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod and other cities, took part in various competitions for the best student scientific work, and were awarded commemorative awards and medals.

The main goal of SSA within the framework of modern times is a comprehensive promotion of the development of medical science and the protection of the scientific interests of students who demonstrate the ability for scientific research and organizational work.

Constant familiarization of students with the achievements of medical and related sciences and promotion of scientific activity of students, support of their research work at university departments are the main tasks of the Association.

SSA is an organization of students and for students. The Association holds scientific conferences, exhibitions, master classes and publications of the results of students' scientific works. An important task is to expand international relations, establish contacts with Students Scientific Association of Ukraine and abroad for the exchange of delegations and joint scientific cooperation.

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Young Scientists’ Society

Young Scientists’ Society (YSS) is part of the structure of the Scientific sector of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (IFNMU) and is a self-governing body of young scientists and specialists under the age of 35. Society works in close cooperation with the administration and structural divisions of the IFNMU.

The main tasks of YSS are to promote the improvement of the quality of training of specialists and the scientific activity of young scientists, to increase the theoretical level and practical significance of research works; promoting the publication and implementation in practice of the results of scientific works of young scientists; involvement of scientists in conducting scientific conferences, symposia, exhibitions, seminars and publications of scientific works, theses. The Society has the task of expanding international relations, establishing contacts with scientific societies of Ukraine and foreign countries for the exchange of delegations and joint scientific activities.

Society works on the following projects:

"School of a young scientist" - aimed at the exchange of experience between scientists; another line of work is the extension from reputable scientists of information and useful tools to students and PhD candidates, demonstrating possible ways to become a scientist. The task of School is the exchange of experience between young scientists and experienced colleagues; discussion of problems of professional burnout and ways to solve them.

«The discussion club «A Posteriori» was created to improve communication between representatives of different medical specialties and aims at an interdisciplinary approach to the discussion of advanced medical achievements. As part of the project, the scientist presents interesting research in his field and receives evaluations and suggestions from the point of view of colleagues from other specialties. Participants have the opportunity to make rational proposals and possible methods of applying advanced discoveries in practical activities.

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