Science and Research


The main direction of the IFNMU scientific research is "The Development of New Medical Technologies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Most Important Human Diseases"

The priorities are given to scientific research in such spheres as:

  • morpho-functional characteristics and medical-biochemical regularities of the influence of various external factors, toxic effects and elemental status on human organs and tissues;
  • the development of a modern concept of assessing the state of the gene pool of people of Prykarpattia;
  • the study of clinical, biochemical and pathogenetic regularities of the formation of diseases of internal organs and surgical pathology in children and adults, reproductive health in the inhabitants of Prykarpattia;
  • ecological, socio-cultural genomic and pathogenetic factors of preserving the dental health of the population and the development of the latest technologies in dentistry;
  • the development of natural resources of the Carpathian region with justification of health-improving properties of recreational resources of Prykarpattia;
  • the justification of the patterns of development and reform of the health care system of the region.