Admission 2024

Information on the admission of international students and non-citizens to study at IFNMU
Programs, regulations, and samples of the entrance examination tasks, appeal procedures
List of entrance examinations and the cut-off scores

List of entrance examinations and the cut-off scores

Foreigners are enrolled in IFNMU for the first year of study at specialties 221 Dentistry - Master's degree; 222 Medicine - Master's degree; 226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy in specialisation 226.01 "Pharmacy"– Master's degree (full-time) at the expense of individuals and/or legal entities basing on the results of a comprehensive entrance exam in oral form in Biology and Language (Ukrainian or English - depending on their chosen language of instruction at IFNMU).

The comprehensive entrance exam is held orally. During of the comprehensive entrance exam the entrant must answer one question from each subject. Response results from each subject are evaluated on a scale of 100-200 points. From each subject the entrant must receive at least 100 points. If the entrant's answer rated at least one competitive subject less than 100 points, then such the entrant is not allowed to participate in the competitive selection.

The competitive score at the entrance exam for foreign citizens for the first year of study on the basis of a complete general secondary education is calculated according to the following formula:

CS=C1 * S1 + C2 * S2;

where S1 is the score at the entrance exam for foreign citizens in English or Ukrainian, S2 - score at the entrance exam for foreign citizens in Biology (on a scale of 100-200). Integral weighting coefficients C1, C2 are: for English or Ukrainian (first subject) - 0.50; for Biology (second subject) - 0.50.

Tuition fees
The terms of the submission of applications and documents, the conduction of the entrance exams and the admission of foreign citizens

Deadlines for accepting applications and documents, conducting an entrance exam and enrolling foreign citizens entering the first year of study:

- submission of applications and documents: beginning - August 26, 2024, end - November 29, 2024;

- conduction of the entrance exams: from August 27, 2024, end - November 29, 2024;

- admission - no later than November 30, 2024.

List of documents


Selection Commission provides recommendations on issuing the invitation for study to a foreign citizen basing on the following copies of the documents (paper or electronic) submitted by an authorised person to the IFNMU:

  • 1) a copy of the International Passport of a foreign citizen (translated into Ukrainian);
  • 2) a copy of the document on the acquired educational level with the marks (points) or an academic certificate;
  • 3) written consent to personal data collection and processing.

The documents under the positions 1 and 2 must be translated into the Ukrainian language.

To enter the IFNMU a foreign citizen shall submit an application to the Selection Commission in electronic or paper form. The foreign citizen adds to the application:

  • 1) invitation for study of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (original and two copies);
  • 2) document (original and two copies) on the previously acquired educational (education-and-qualification) level, which is the basis for the admission;
  • 3) attachment to the document (original and two copies) on the previously acquired educational (education-and-qualification) level, which is the basis for the admission (if available);
  • 4) academic transcript issued by a foreign/Ukrainian educational institution (in case of transfer or renewal for education, starting from the second year);
  • 5) original and a copy of the document containing information about the curriculum of the previous degree (level) of higher education, gained credits, duration of study and academic achievements in academic disciplines upon admission to postgraduate studies, if the absence of this information makes it impossible to recognize the qualification under the document.
  • 6) valid International Passport or stateless person's identity document (two copies) (original is presented);
  • 7) health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine (original and a copy of the information page);
  • 8) 10 photos in size 30х40 mm;

Documents 2)-6) must be translated into Ukrainian with the notarization of translation.

Documents 2)-5) must be certified in the country of their issuance in a way that is officially applicable in this country to such a certification, and legalized by a relevant foreign institution of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

Application and specified documents (except for the original passport document, or stateless person's identity document, which is only presented) are stored in the personal file of the applicant/student.

Admission amount
Schedule of entrance examinations
Results of entrance examinations
Orders on enrollment
Educational and professional programs
List of accredited educational programs on which foreign citizens and stateless persons are admitted
The agenda and the decisions of the Admission Commission
Requirements of the IFNMU to the entrants from the number of foreigners that arrive to Ukraine with the aim of studies

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